Developer of high impact, clean energy projects in Southern Africa

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About Us

Who we are

Scion is a South African company founded in 2018 by a group of partners with expertise in project development, the Southern Africa Energy sector and with specific hydropower and engineering expertise.

Our aim

Our aim is to facilitate a smooth transition to renewable energy, with a focus on sustainability and socio-economic development.

Our focus

Our main focus is on identifying and developing clean energy projects with the most favourable economics, the lowest environmental footprint and the greatest socio-economic impact. Our projects support sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the markets where we operate, while delivering consistent and competitive returns.

Scion comprises a high impact team, able to combine extensive knowledge of the energy sectors with project development and operational expertise to realise successful projects. Our success lies in our ability to efficiently identify and access unique and unexploited opportunities, particularly in hydro power and hydro pump storage. Our knowledge of the Southern Africa market, with key partners in our countries of operation, and a wide network of local partners and expertise, enables us to access unique project investment opportunities.

Scion partners with technology suppliers, larger project development companies or independent power producers and investors on a project-by-project basis, as dictated by the project scale and specific project requirements. It is of key importance to Scion that we are able to work with like-minded individuals, with a common goal of, not only creating value for shareholders, but creating a positive working environment which drive success, while ensuring that the projects, once realised, have a net positive impact on surrounding communities.

Focus Areas

Scion’s holding company is based in South Africa, with established local subsidiaries located in Zambia and the DRC. We have a number of projects under development in these countries, as well as in Lesotho, Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi and Sao Tome/Principe.

Scion’s main divisions or areas of focus include:

Run of River Hydro Projects of Capacity 1 – 150 MWe

Hydro and Solar PV or Wind Hybrid Projects for the generation of Dispatchable Power

Grid Scale Pump Storage, with the generation of 150 – 2000 MWe Dispatchable Power and 2,000 to >140,000 Battery Storage

Using Run-of-River Hydro to create pump energy for irrigation (400 – 600 Ha irrigation/MW generated)

With its unique experience in LPG infrastructure projects, Scion is focused on the development of projects which will enable the more efficient rollout of LPG to lower income households throughout Southern Africa.

Scion has over 200 priority projects which it has identified, which are in various stages of development, with the securing of key rights to specific strategic projects either in progress or completed.

Our Approach

Scion has a unique approach to identifying and developing projects, which we believe are the foundation for success. The strength of our Team’s approach is based on:

  • Local knowledge and understanding of the business environment in which we operate on a regional and national level. This fundamentally improves the successful outcome of the projects.
  • Technology orientated with in-depth knowledge and understanding of project development (both small and large renewables) suitable for the African continent.
  • Experienced team which contains expertise in design engineering, project development, operations, and project financing.
  • Ability to meaningfully integrate/engineer social benefits into projects.
  • Focus on early stakeholder identification and engagement. This includes engagement with communities affected by projects, regulatory authorities, technology partners and contractors.
  • Experience and local knowledge to identify and scope high impact projects more successfully than any of the larger, narrow-focused renewable energy companies.
  • Sophisticated inhouse spatial modelling software to accurately identify, scope and model potential projects.
  • Scion’s project development approach is aligned with the Hydropower Sustainability Guidelines on Good International Industry Practice (HGIIP) sustainability practices (reference, covering the following main areas:
    • Need and Strategic Fit
    • Financial Viability
    • Project Benefits and Impacts
    • Hydrology and Design including Downstream Flow Regimes
    • Reliability, Efficiency and Maintainability
    • Infrastructure and Dam Safety
    • Environmental and Social Impacts
    • Climate Change