The capability and strengths of the Scion project development team include:

  • Strong professional backgrounds in engineering and finance.
  • Financial modelling.
  • Project development experience for the complete project cycle – from conceptualisation, project structuring, licencing and funding, through to construction and commissioning.
  • Experience in the development of hydropower projects, from hydrologic studies, through to detailed engineering design, construction management, contract management, commissioning and operation of hydropower projects.
  • Unique expertise related to the identification of the most feasible hydro power opportunities, both within South Africa and throughout Africa using our proprietary Geographic Information System (GIS) and spatial planning tool, P-Systems.
  • Scion has developed a significant database of hydrological information necessary to identify sites and justify investment therein. The value of this information is critical for developing successful hydro projects, with the bankability of any hydro project being a function of the volumetric flows and the reliability of the hydrology. This has allowed Scion to identify those sites which would yield superior returns, many of which might not yet be obvious to others operating within the hydro field.
  • Scion has a long-standing relationship and formal agreement with the hydroelectric turbine manufacturer, Mavel, a.s., who plays a key role in both the upfront project development phases (in terms of hydraulic analysis and turbine selection) and in the technology supply, technology integration and project implementation.
  • Through Mavel, a.s., the successful completion, commissioning and operation of hydro power plants throughout the world, including Africa.
  • Scion has an agreement with Norhard, a.s. who provide unique drilling solutions for the cost-effective construction of penstocks for hydro projects constructed in challenging high-head terrain.
  • Scion has access to affordable and efficient wind turbine technology as well as construction expertise in the development of wind farms.
  • Scion’s engineering expertise includes process engineers who have specialised in developing integrated and holistic energy solutions, which may incorporate both renewable energy technology and clean-burning fossil fuels.


Scion Technologies South Africa and Scion International

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Arno Ottermann
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Scion Energy Zambia
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Scion Technologies DRC
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